The FounderFly Story…

The “Overnight” Sensation?

OK, let’s get the first question out of the way. What the heck does FounderFly mean?

Well, a “Founder” is someone who starts their own business. Someone who takes control of their own destiny. Someone who is independent. Someone who doesn’t always like to play by the rules.. they like to shake things up a bit.

And “Fly”.. is just how we roll. We take action quickly. We have ideas and we fly with them. And, anyone who can remember back to a time when “fly” meant cool – yeah, we are pretty cool too.


FounderFly was created for one reason… to help passionate entrepreneurs, experts and “founders” build real businesses that matter. With no hype. No fluff. And zero BS. In other words, we don’t have time for games.. we like to cut through the bull.

No more buying hopping from product to product. Or getting caught up in endless emails touting the “next best thing”. It’s a nightmare and we won’t stand for it. Nope, not us. FounderFly has simplified the world of online marketing.

This all-access network was the brainchild of Ryan Lee (that’s me… a former gym-teacher turned successful entrepreneur). My vision was to not only share all of the best training resources to help you create LEVERAGE in your business – but to also connect you with other passionate entrepreneurs who are heading in the same direction.

In other words.. ONE place where you can go to get all your business and marketing resources/training/support. Without the constant upsells, pitches and bullshit.

And we do it with a focus on lifestyle as well. After all, what good is running a profitable business if you don’t have any time to actually enjoy it?

My companies now generate a healthy 7-figures a month and I still have plenty of time to coach Kindergarten soccer, 2nd grade lacrosse, get weekly massages, see two movies a week (yes, I’m a movie fanatic) and every night I’m home by 5 to have dinner with my family. Oh yeah.. I don’t work on the weekends and my “office” is at Starbucks. Pretty sweet, indeed.

The Lee Family

That’s me with my wife Janet and our 4 young children… All the co-superflys!


ONE PASS GIVES YOU ACCESS TO EVERYTHING. Think about it. It’s so simple and yet, so powerful.

Forget “levels” of membership where you are constantly upsold to the next “platinum” group. Every Founder member is treated like FIRST CLASS. No levels of membership. No exceptions. We don’t like the arrogance either.

Forget having to pay a “guru” up to $30,000 just to be in their “mastermind” group. FounderFly members form their own meetup groups.. and it’s INCLUDED in your membership.

Forget being sold into a “funnel” and being asked to buy the “next, more expensive” product. Nope, not for our FounderFlys. ALL the products are included.

Forget the hype and BS. We only focus on real, solid, actionable business-building strategies that are proven and tested. Period.

Forget guessing at “what’s working now”. FounderFly is updated weekly with new, straightforward and precise training videos to keep you on the cutting edge of business and marketing.

And we focus on attracting only the most passionate, heart-centered entrepreneurs into our community.

No attitudes. No egos. No to people who only care about lining their pockets with no regards for their customers.

We are building businesses and products that truly matter. And, at the same time, living an incredible balanced lives.

More money. More freedom. And helping the world.

Welcome, my friend… to the FounderFly. Won’t you join us?